Speculation Grows as Biden Cancels Trip to Chicago Just One Day After Taking Booster Shot

Speculation Grows as Biden Cancels Trip to Chicago Just One Day After Taking Booster Shot

Many people don’t trust the Biden Show…they’re leery and suspicious of everything they say and do, and for good reason…it’s the most bizarre admin ever.


So, when Joe Biden took his THIRD vaccine shot on live TV the other day – on a “fake White House” set, many people thought it was either a staged PR event involving saline solution, or he really took the booster and is now in big trouble.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Joe Biden Took His Booster Shot On a “Set” of a Fake “White House”

Those rumors started because Joe Biden hasn’t been seen since he took the booster shot, and yesterday afternoon, his people canceled his trip to Chicago.

New York Post reported that Biden called off a scheduled trip to Chicago late Tuesday as Democratic divisions over the fate of two massive bills worth a total of $4.7 trillion threatened to torpedo the president’s domestic agenda.

Biden was scheduled to hit the Windy City Wednesday to give remarks on COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses. However, a White House official said that the visit would be postponed so the president can help push both pieces of legislation over the finish line in the House of Representatives.

So now, the rumor mill is churning into overdrive.


Here’s some of the comments:

Biden got his booster and since then they canceled his trip to Chicago. Weird.” 

Biden gets bad reaction to booster shot, cancels Chicago trip.”

President Biden just cancelled a trip to Chicago, and hasn’t been scene since he received that booster shot”

Biden canceled trip to Chicago is due to feeling fatigued after COVID booster shot He will feel sluggish for couple days WH lids will be early the next couple days”

There’s so much mystery surrounding the vaccine – so many things we’re not allowed to say online, or question about the jab, and naturally, this will spark conspiracy theories.

And it doesn’t help that Joe Biden and his admin lack transparency and have been spreading a lot of misinformation. You’ll recall when Joe Biden went on CNN and told the world that if you took the vaccine you would not catch COVID. Biden peddled the vax as “immunity” when it was not.


That’s a huge issue and things like this, and other missteps have led to a lack of trust and growing conspiracies.

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