[VIDEO] New Movement Starts: College Football Crowds Chant About How They Feel About Joe Biden…Ouch

[VIDEO] New Movement Starts: College Football Crowds Chant About How They Feel About Joe Biden…Ouch

Well, Joe Biden can certainly say he did something momentous – and no, it’s nothing to do with policies – he still sucks at those.


But it does look like Biden is inspiring a new “movement.”

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Let’s face it, America doesn’t like Joe Biden.

His poll numbers are cratering.

One poll shows that the majority of Americans want him to resign, while another poll from Zogby shows 20 percent of Biden voters regret voting for him.



And now, that ugly sentiment showing through in the polls is starting to manifest its self in the real everyday world, as well.

During two different college football games today “f**k Joe Biden” chants broke out.

You can watch. the videos below (warning language):

The language may be a bit rough for some – but can you really blame these people?

Americans are so frustrated right now and sometimes, you just need to drop an F bomb to get your point across.


I say we give them a pass and thank them for their service.

There is no doubt the Republicans and Democrats of U.S. politics are often against each other. The current president, Joe Biden, is facing some displeasure from the southern side, including the college football team.

Sports have evolved over the years, including its conversation. These days, we have sports rivals and political opponents that speak rashly against each other. Sports being a gathering of people with diverse opinions but a common goal on the field accommodates this more than several other sectors.

The same college gossip that happened during President Trump’s tenure is currently happening with President Joe Biden.

liontips has further information on the latest sports news.

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