Watch: Biden Claims Storm Victims “Welcomed” and “Thanked Him”…But This Video Clip Shows The Opposite

Watch: Biden Claims Storm Victims “Welcomed” and “Thanked Him”…But This Video Clip Shows The Opposite

Is there anything Biden and the Dems won’t lie about?


The answer to that question is: NO.

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They will lie and twist anything and everything under the sun to push their narrative – even if there is video that proves they’re lying.

And that’s exactly what happened after a disastrous “storm damage” trip Joe Biden took to New Jersey and New York after Ida ripped through those states.

As Biden rolled into town, this is what he saw:

And while he was there, local residents heckled and yelled at him so badly, that Secret Service had to step in and provide “cover” for him.

Breitbart reported that Joe Biden was met with angry criticism when he traveled to Manville, New Jersey, to meet with storm victims on Tuesday.

The president walked through the neighborhood with local New Jersey officials including Sen. Cory Booker, observing the damage caused by record flooding from the remains of Hurricane Ida.

As he walked around the streets littered with storm debris, Biden was soon confronted by angry shouts from people in the area.


Media cameras caught a group of people shouting over the fence at Biden as he met with homeowners in the area. One of them was holding a Donald Trump flag.

“It’s sad. It’s sad that America has come to this. It’s despicable,” a woman shouted.

Another man expressed his frustration that his friend died in Afghanistan only to watch Biden abandon Americans in the country.

“Best friend died in 2011 Afghanistan for what?” he asked. “This guy to pull this shit?”

Others shouted, “Leave no American behind!”

Secret Service agents blocked the group from coming any closer to Biden.

“You shouldn’t be protecting tyrants,” a woman shouted.

Other people in the neighborhood shouted at Biden.

“Go to sleep Sleepy Joe! Pedophile!” another man shouted.

Yet, even so, Joe Biden pretended that none of that happened, and claimed that Americans were welcoming and thanking him for being there.

You can watch the video below:

Has Joe Biden never heard of video or the internet?

Did he forget how that all works?

Biden is like some confused old grandad telling whopper stories, and not realizing that history has already proven everything he’s saying wrong.

Biden is not a “president” who understands technology, or modern life, at all.


And if there are videos out there of people “thanking” and “welcoming” Joe, great, but I can’t find them…even so, to act as if it was all “roses” when you were heckled this badly is just proving once again, that these Dems will do anything to change reality.

This really is the Joe Biden Show, and it needs to be canceled.

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