Photo of Jill Biden Looking Uncomfortable as Joe “Sniffs” Her Neck Resurfaces

Photo of Jill Biden Looking Uncomfortable as Joe “Sniffs” Her Neck Resurfaces

Joe Biden has a well-documented history of being a creep when it comes to women and kids.


We’ve seen countless photos and videos of Joe Biden nuzzling women and young girls, and “sniffing” their hair and necks.

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And during the 2020 campaign, we saw a parade of women come forward and say that Joe Biden made them feel uncomfortable with his inappropriate “touching” and disrespecting their “private space.”

Joe made light of it, claiming he’s just a “touchy-feely” person and that’s how he shows affection.


He’s a creep.


And this photo from back when Biden ran for president (when he lost to Obama in the primary), shows just how creepy his advances are.

Just look at how uncomfortable Jill Biden looks, as Biden pulls his “signature move” on her…and that was his wife.


Here are some of the comments from folks online:


“picture worth a thousand words – for all to see.”

“How much you wanna bet he is whispering “I need my butt wiped””

“this is super creepy.”

“One of Joe’s first victims” 

“Jill Biden has known all along what type of monster her husband is, but she just lets him run wild” 

“She’ll put up with anything, all Jill cares about is power.” 

“Nobody wants a demented old man rubbing drool and old man breath into their hair.”

Joe Biden has always been a predator.


Jill has always known what type of man her husband is…and just like Hilaly, she’s made excuses for him, just so she can continue riding his coattails.

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