Group of Very Clever Trump-Supporting Little Kids Just Trolled Joe Biden (Photo)

Group of Very Clever Trump-Supporting Little Kids Just Trolled Joe Biden (Photo)

When you first look at this photo, you may not “catch it.”

And no, for once I am not pointing out Joe being inappropriate and creepy with kids…believe it or not.


But when you “see” it, you’re gonna have a good laugh.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Many People Bothered by Biden’s Interaction With Young Boy During Jill’s Speech

While Biden was in Shanksville, PA, he ran into a group of very young, very clever Trump little supporters, and poor ol’ Joe didn’t stand a chance against this little motley crew.

Joe posed with the kids for a photo, and what he may not have noticed was that the kids were all decked out in their Trump gear.

Hats and T-shirts! Ha!

And what I love the most are those devilish little smiles on their faces, and the boys on the end are literally busting out laughing.


Well done, kids, well done.

Here’s another angle:

Here’s what some people said about the photo online:

“Holy crap, these little shits are the best trolls”

“They all have “shit-eating” grins”

“Gotta love those hats LOL” 

“Is it sad that I was just looking for his hand to be inappropriately placed on a child?”

“81 mil votes and you couldn’t find one supporter for photo op”

“Yeah, I was expecting to be angered by creepy, inappropriate touching. Didn’t even notice the other stuff.”

“He wanted to sniff them but the hats were in the way”

“The hats and the shirt!!!!! Lol”

“Joe had no clue. the guy doesn’t even know what his wife looks like” 

“great troll kids, you did us all proud” 


I’ll tell you what, those kids have some amazing parents, that’s for sure.

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