Breaking: John Durham is Back At It…Round Two Has Just Dropped

Breaking: John Durham is Back At It…Round Two Has Just Dropped

Well, it looks like John Durham isn’t done…


Round two is starting up and Durham has just handed down a new set of subpoenas – and again, the ties to Hillary’s campaign can’t be ignored.

This all started last week when Durham started investigating whether Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann had lied to the FBI regarding who — if anyone — he was representing when he told the Bureau about “communications between the Trump Organization and the Kremlin-connected Russian bank Alfa Bank.”

The indictment against Sussmann – who was a federal prosecutor at one time – states he lied to top FBI lawyer James Baker in a meeting on September 19, 2016.

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During that meeting, Sussmann presented data and analysis from cybersecurity researchers who suspected the Trump Organization was using a secret server to communicate with Alfa Bank.

Well, apparently that was all hogwash, and the secret server theory was completely dismissed and never even appeared in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report.

Now, here we go again with another group of lawyers who are tied to Hillary’s campaign.

Yahoo News reported that Special Counsel John Durham, the attorney tapped by the Trump administration to audit the Russia investigation, has reportedly handed down a new set of subpoenas, including to a law firm with ties to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.


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The grand jury subpoenas for documents were issued earlier this month, according to CNN, after Durham charged Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for allegedly knowingly making a false statement to the FBI.

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Investigators from the special counsel’s office are seeking additional documents from Sussmann’s former law firm, Perkins Coie, an indication that Durham may be looking to add to Sussmann’s charges or to bring cases against other defendants.


It’s starting to look like Hillary Clinton – or someone closely associated with her – hired a pack of very high-powered lawyers to kick-off and perpetuate this Russia hoax…and it also looks like old fashioned “human error” is what tripped a couple of them up, and right now that’s what Durham appears to be zeroing in on.

You know what they say – a person committing a crime overlooks an average of “30 mistakes” that were made while committing that crime.

Those are not good odds.

But the big question is this – this is all getting very, very close to Hillary, but in the end, will we see anyone besides a bunch of high-powered attorneys go down for this?