[VIDEO] With Her Latest Move, Kamala Appears to Distance Herself From Biden, Same Day He Announces Vax Mandates

[VIDEO] With Her Latest Move, Kamala Appears to Distance Herself From Biden, Same Day He Announces Vax Mandates

Today, Joe Biden went full “draconian” and announced vaccine mandates for Americans.


He ordered all federal employees to take the vaccine, and nobody is allowed any excuse.

You either take it, or you’re fired.

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And he also ordered OSHA to enforce US private businesses with 100 or more employees to get the vaccine as well.

The outrage on social media was intense.

Biden, who has a 39 percent approval in a recent poll, is skating on very thin ice.

But he’s doing this because his COVID approval numbers have tanked…and for good reason:


So Biden, who is basically in “lame-duck” territory right now, is rolling the dice that going back on a promise he made – that he would never mandate vaccines – is a winning move.

We’ll see how Americans react to that, but in the meantime, it looks to many like Kamala is doing her best to distance herself from Biden.

On the day that he announced these mandates, Harris spoke out against “government interference” in personal “wellbeing” decisions.

Pundits on Twitter believe that Kamala is purposely distancing herself from Dementia Joe and his disastrous “presidency.”

You can watch the video below:

Many people think that after the midterms, the “swap” will finally take place and they believe that’s why Kamala is trying to appear to be a much kinder, gentler “leader” than Joe Biden.


I wouldn’t be so sure about all that, but I do know that her brain isn’t a soggy cauliflower, so she’s got that going for her.

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