Fox News Host Has Theory On Why We Never See Kamala Harris Anymore

Fox News Host Has Theory On Why We Never See Kamala Harris Anymore

Vice President Kamala Harris got called out on Wednesday by Fox News host Will Cain, who said while she was “used” by Joe Biden on his presidential ticket, she has since become a liability to him and his administration.


Cain said this during a segment questioning where exactly Harris has been.

“If I’m Kamala Harris right now, I’m extremely offended because you have been used,” Cain said. “They used you to pander to a voting base to get votes. They had a minority, they had a woman and now that they don’t need her, they have shelved her because her approval rating is -19.”

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Cain went on to say that the Biden administration has realized that Harris is a “liability” to them when she is out front, even though she was not a liability when she was only on his presidential ticket.

“Kamala has a right to be very, very upset,” he said. “But the Biden administration is in a very tough position. Do we admit that we used Kamala to get elected, or do we run her back out and hurt our numbers the way hers have plummeted?”

Co-host Shannon Bream pointed out that Harris’ own presidential campaign flopped so badly that she had to drop out of the race very early on.


“She was a great fit for this ticket,” she said. “But remember during the primaries she never caught on fire. She wasn’t great in the primary debates. She wasn’t polling well, she couldn’t raise money… So while she was a good fit on the ticket, whether she can be a good leader and manage things well is a totally different question.”

Not stopping there, Bream said that Harris has been given the “worst” job of managing immigration at the southern border, and that she will just end up being a “professional tie-breaker” in the Senate.

Greg Gutfeld speculated that Harris wants to lay low while the Biden presidency goes downhill, which is what is happening at the moment. Gutfeld thinks that Harris is being kept “behind the glass like an ax.”

“They’re just waiting for the right time to break the glass and take her out,” he said. “We really don’t know how bad she is but Democrats are going to assume it can’t be any worse than this.”

Back in June, Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, claimed that Harris was never chosen to be Biden’s running mate because of her qualifications. Instead, she believes Harris was used by Biden and picked because of her race and gender.

“She needs to do something about our southern border,” Trump said at the time. “She needs to answer questions. She can’t just laugh them off and cackle about it like she’s been doing. But don’t forget, she dropped out of the race, guys, for the Democrat [sic] primaries before her home state of California even voted.”


“She probably thought, ‘I’m in over my head here,’” she continued. “Now she is vice president of the United States, and I think we’re seeing the consequences of possibly choosing a person based on identity politics, based on their gender and not qualifications. This is what you get.”

Harris has shown that she lacks charisma and is unpopular even with Democrat voters. Perhaps Biden and his team should have chosen a running mate on merit, rather than picking one who would only look good on paper to the “woke” left, but would become a liability down the road.


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