This Hilariously “Ironic” New Photo is The Lincoln Project’s Worst Nightmare Come True

This Hilariously “Ironic” New Photo is The Lincoln Project’s Worst Nightmare Come True

Remember the Lincoln Project?


That group of weird-looking bald creeps who hated Trump, and ended up being accused of being a bunch of sick pedophiles and pedophile enablers…

They actually did a lot of damage to President Trump before they were derailed because they had A TON of money backing them. They were behind a slew of those “hit pieces” that came out against President Trump (remember the military sucks scandal? That was them), and they even ran a SuperPAC.

The traitors from the Lincoln Project were getting rich beyond their wildest dreams while inflicting a lot of damage on President Trump on social media and beyond.

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But all of that money, power, and privilege ended very abruptly one day when it was discovered that one of the founding members of the group was a predator and a pedophile who was stalking young boys while all the other guys either covered for him, looked the other way, or claimed they didn’t know what was going on.

Clearly, they were all complacent in some way shape, or form.

And once again, all those TDS Trump haters who called President Trump an abomination and a monster were actually the real abominations and monsters, and thankfully, the Lincoln Project drifted off into the abyss…

And that’s why today when I saw this photo online, I had to laugh at the irony of it all.

A photo of one of their beloved “coffee mugs,” likely used by some deranged liberal nutjob with Stage 5 TDS every morning, now sitting on a shelf at the Goodwill with a 99 cent sticker on it…

This is the sad state of the Lincoln Project, and like the caption says “How the mighty have fallen…”

Yes indeed…and very well deserved.


Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Does it come filled with free candy to lure children with?”

“Hopefully it’s far away from the boys pants section.”

“99 cents? Why so expensive?” 

“I wish those were at a goodwill near me…my brother and I are hitting the range this week and need targets…”

“You don’t know where that mug’s been.”

“Where is that? The pervert store?”

“You get a free Jeb! mug with every purchase.”


I think this is the most fitting symbol of what happened to the Lincoln Project…and as President Trump says – everything woke turns to sh*t.

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