Senior Citizen Madonna Gets Brutalized Online For Her Not-So-Sexy VMA Outfit

Senior Citizen Madonna Gets Brutalized Online For Her Not-So-Sexy VMA Outfit

I’m not really sure why they still hold the Video Music Awards – does MTV even play “videos” anymore?


I grew up with MTV when they actually played videos 24/7, but they stopped doing it a while back and just started featuring “pregnant teens” on their channel.

But really, what’s the point of music videos on TV nowadays when most people go to YouTube for that stuff.


So, I guess it was somewhat apropos that the VMA’s opened their geriatric and antiquated award show with the geriatric and antiquated Madonna.

Ya know, as I get older, I look at people like Madonna, who I used to idolize when I was younger, and I think, “My God, I never want to be like this woman who is desperately clinging to some phantom idea of “youth” with her shaky bony fingers.

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But in the plastic and superficial world of entertainment, you’re nobody unless you still have “sex appeal,” so Madonna, who is now 63-years-old, is squeezing herself into a skimpy leather “dominatrix” outfit to prove to the world that she’s still “sexy.”

And boy, oh boy, did she get savaged online for it.

Here’s what some folks online said about Madonna’s look:

“This is why I try to tell young pitchers who have a great fastball to develop other pitches. One day that fastball will leave you and if it’s all you’ve got, it can get ugly out there.”

“Did she think VMA stands for Vagina Makes Appearance?”

“Why is she wearing NAZI inspired BDSM gear?”

“Stop joking – this is obviously from a wax museum.”

“Sad. Someone is trying to stay relevant” 

“At what point have we suffered enough”

“She looked in the mirror before deciding this was a good look.”

“Silver Alert. Someone please come pickup your grandma. Also, bring some spare clothes too.”

“This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen”

“Isn’t she like, a great-grandma now?”

“Lady Gaga’s grandma out on the town last night”

“this is what they wear when they tell you you qualify for AARP.”

“Madonna needs a conservatorship”

“Remember in 2016. She offered a BJ to anyone who would vote for Hillary? And no one showed up. LOL”

“It’s like a traffic cop came out of retirement 100 years too late.”

“Good grief. She looks like a plastic blow up sex doll.”

“Dear People of a Certain Age, You’re old AF. Put away your leather outfits and Speedos. You’re not sexy anymore. It’s over. Just be old. Sincerely, Person of a Certain Age”

“Silver Alert: Senior citizen dressed as a Maytag washer repair person, wandering around Hollywood without her medication”

There’s a lot to be said about growing old gracefully…

What Madonna is doing now is just desperate and gross.


Imagine how much cooler it would’ve been if she came out in a gorgeous vintage gown, with an 80s throwback vibe, and her hair up, beautiful makeup…that would have been amazing.

Instead, we got a grandma in a leather Nazi crossing guard outfit.

No thanks, lady.

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