[VIDEO] Dan Scavino Just Shared a Remarkable 40-Second Video of 4 Marines That’s Gone Viral

[VIDEO] Dan Scavino Just Shared a Remarkable 40-Second Video of 4 Marines That’s Gone Viral

Right now our Military is taking a huge hit, and their morale is so low, thanks to Joe Biden.


But the military problems didn’t start under Biden, they started under Obama.

Obama doesn’t have a “legacy” to speak of, but one thing he did do, was he weaponized everything in his path…

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Intel, IRS, and the top-brass military, just to name a few.

These “woke” generals we’re seeing right now didn’t just appear when President Trump splashed on the scene – they had been there for years, but their TDS basically “activated” when Trump was elected and the veil was lifted.

These “woke” traitors are more worried about “white rage,” Trump supporters, and “transgender issues” than they are about protecting our country.

But it’s not the enlisted soldiers on the ground who are to blame – they’re likely as disgusted as we are with this twisted, inept progressive top-brass, and there’s no doubt that they miss President Trump as much (or more) than we do.

So, while we all deal with the ineptitude of Joe Biden as the so-called “commander in chief,” and these dangerous woke generals, it’s always good to remember the heroes on the ground who never let us down.


And that’s exactly what Dan Scavino just did when he shared this amazing 40-second clip of 4 Marines in their dress uniforms, walking through floodwaters to help a fellow American whose car was stuck in the water.

You can watch the video below:

This is such a simple gesture, but it’s so powerful, isn’t it?


A great reminder of how amazing our military really is despite the rot we’ve discovered at the very top.

God Bless these young men, they are heroes.

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