[VIDEO] Harry And Meghan Get Caught With Their “Pants Down” by a Rolling Camera

[VIDEO] Harry And Meghan Get Caught With Their “Pants Down” by a Rolling Camera

One thing you can count on in this whole COVID “pandemic” era are smug elites breaking all the rules.


That’s right, all the people who are telling me and you to be scared, mask up, lockdown, and kiss our lives goodbye are out there having the time of their lives.

Whether it be at the Emmy’s, Oscars, or Obama’s Birthday bash, the elites don’t seem to have a care in the world.

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When we’re told to wear masks, they get a free ride.

When we’re told not to go eat at restaurants, they’re dining at fine French bistros with all their fancy friends.

But of course, the “help” and the “servants” are still all masked up, because according to the Dems version of “science,” only the “sophisticated” people are spared the COVID virus.

And now, as many folks with the vaccine contract COVID and mask mandates are back in effect, the elites are still refusing to follow the rules that are made for me and you.

And time and time again, they keep getting busted by the rolling cameras.


This is exactly what happened recently to Prince Harry and Meghan, who didn’t quite get their masks on fast enough.

You can watch the video below:

This happens so often, that you can’t believe it hasn’t dawned on Biden or the Dems that this is one of the main reasons why Americans have such an issue with his handling of COVID and his vax mandates.

Nothing makes sense.


At some point, you’d think these elites would take some responsibility for their actions and their role in the disinformation and confusion campaign they’re been spreading.

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