Damning Photo From #MetGala Perfectly Portrays How Elites and The “Help” Are Treated Differently

Damning Photo From #MetGala Perfectly Portrays How Elites and The “Help” Are Treated Differently

Throughout this entire COVID “pandemic,” one thing has become very, very clear…COVID is class warfare.


If you’ve ever watched the movie The Titanic, and you saw the class distinction – those elites who existed on the upper deck with all their finery, and the working class who were below deck, you’d see these two worlds so closely touching, separated only by a staircase, yet they couldn’t be farther apart.

That’s what COVID has been like…like The Titanic.

The working class has suffered, losing jobs, livelihoods, and businesses.

They’ve lost family, friends, and couldn’t go to weddings or funerals – their kids have been used as political pawns, treated like lepers, with no “science” to back it up.

Meanwhile, the elites haven’t lost much, have they?

They’ve been going to fancy restaurants, salons, vacations, while their kids are in private schools, and they attend opulent galas without a care in the world.

And even while “breakthrough cases” surge, these sophisticated elites don’t have to wear masks or social distance like the rest of us do – remember Obama’s birthday- it’s because the elites are fabulous and rich, and live much better and more “important” lives than us pesky “below deck” working class do.

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That’s how it’s felt, and that’s how it has looked…we’ve all spent a year looking at the pics and videos, right? Gavin dining mask-free at French Laundry, Nancy at a fancy San Fransisco salon, and on and on.

Well, I have yet another one of those photos for you to see.

It’s from last night’s opulent Met Gala, where it costs $35K a plate to attend…it’s a photo of some woman – maybe an actress, sorry I don’t know who the heck this woman is and I don’t really care, to be honest – she’s mask-free, wearing an “activist gown,” and smiling from ear-to-ear, while directly standing behind her is a row of “workers” wearing black, all masked up.

**Update, I just found out who this woman is…she’s a politician, of course: Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, representing New York’s 12th district.**

It’s a stunning juxtaposition, but perfectly sums up everything we’ve witnessed over this past year or more of the COVID “pandemic.”

And of course, the irony in this photo is that the woman’s dress says “equal rights for women,” while all the women standing behind her are in masks, and she’s not.


Take a look:

Someone commented on this photo, and I thought their tweet was brilliantly spot-on, so I wanted to share it with you:

“This photo metaphorically sums up the state of our country in an astonishingly accurate & eerie way. The elite wearing morally performative garments of honor as a cloak of political correctness & mob appeasement while reaping ALL the benefits off the backs of the working class…”


Americans are getting really sick and tired of this nonsense.

It’s become very clear to a lot of Americans, that the people who are telling us to be most scared of COVID are actually the least afraid of it…and that has a lot of people asking some very hard questions.

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