[VIDEO] Pelosi Gets Ridiculed For Flashing The “White Power” Sign

[VIDEO] Pelosi Gets Ridiculed For Flashing The “White Power” Sign

Of course, nobody who’s sane actually believes the “Okay” sign is a “white power” symbol. This is another nutty liberal kook conspiracy.


It all started back in 2016 when Trump supporters were using the “okay” emoji a lot because Trump made that hand gesture often when he spoke.

It was a cute/funny little online gesture and nothing more or less than that.

But of course, liberals had to turn it into something dark and ugly, and it morphed into a “white power” symbol.

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It was probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen unfold, but at this stage of the game, it’s comical to throw the stupidity back in the Dems’ faces.

And that’s precisely what happened today when Nancy Pelosi was trying to tell the American people that Joe Biden’s 3 TRILLION dollar bill was actually “zero dollars.”

Yes, in another big pile of horse doo-doo, Dems are now claiming that the cost of the 3 TRILLION bill will be zero because apparently, they’re just going to tax the rich to pay for it.

No, that won’t work…and everyone knows it. This is a 90s-style political snow-job and that stuff doesn’t work anymore.

But when Pelosi was trying to tell everyone it was “zero dollars” she made that no-no “white power” sign with her fingers…although, it was a bit of an “arthritic” version, nevertheless, she got heckled.



Here’s what folks had to say about Pelosi’s “Alt-right” hand gesture lol:

“Looks like someone asked her how many functioning brain cells she had left”

“What’s wrong with her face though, has she had a stroke?”

“It’s not white power. It’s a satanic symbol. She’s a Satanist and is demonstrating her loyalty to Lucifer!”

“Who knew Nancy Pelosi was a “White Nationalist?” I wonder if she will get CANCELLED for flashing that “White Nationalist” hand sign…”

“Is she having spasms?”

“Is Nancy Pelosi the new leader of the Alt Right?” 

“Is that the dreaded RACIST okay hand sign?”

“Nancy is a white supremacist, where was she on January 6th????” 

“Wait, is she signaling white supremacy? I can’t keep up?”

“White power symbol.”

“I was told that gesture was racist”

“Is this a racist signal? Who makes that hand gesture? Is that a B? an 8? What is that?”

“Wow Pelosi throwing up the white power sign imagine that”


Well, looks like “racist” Nancy got what she deserved.

And as far as her “zero” common core math stuff, nobody’s buying that nonsense.

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