One Trump Supporter Just Shutdown Every NeverTrumper Once and For All With Brilliant Tweet

One Trump Supporter Just Shutdown Every NeverTrumper Once and For All With Brilliant Tweet

I happened upon this tweet thread online. I started reading it, not thinking that much of it, but by the time I was halfway through I was practically standing up and cheering.


Wow. What a well-done, brilliant bashing of every NeverTrumper out there, and the best part of this, is that the guy who wrote it, didn’t even vote for Trump in 2016, he too was a “NeverTrumper” who believed President Trump was a “liberal in disguise.”

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But unlike the NeverTrumper’s out there today, this man was open-minded enough to see that he had been wrong.

And his tweet to the current NeverTrumper’s is so savage and such a truth bomb, that I don’t think any of these NeverTrump shmucks will want to show their faces in public ever again.

Here’s what the former NeverTrumper wrote:


If you didn’t like Trump but you liked Mitt or Jeb, you’re why we got Trump. If you’re mad at Trump’s mean tweets but not W starting a 20 year war and limiting freedoms in the name of safety, you’re why we got Trump.

“You know it was more than mean tweets!” Yeah, and you know it was more than his rude character too. Maybe if you had pushed back on RomneyCare Mitt, we wouldn’t have gotten Trump.

Trump was a symptom, not the disease. The disease is a moderate-over-conservative political class more determined by winnability of elections than trying to sell the ideals of conservatism.

Do not lay Trump at the feet of the base. Every decision from 1980 to 2016 was the groundwork for Trump. From a CIA director as VP and P to his son who limited freedoms for safety, to McCain and Romney. And fukkin Jeb. You all own this crapfest.

“At least Romney was a man of character!” Yeah, a man who didn’t push back and got beat like a drum. He got taken out by Harry effin’ Reid. LOL your savior is weak.

“McCain was a war hero!” Okay, and then he spent his political career making a name for himself and killing conservative bills with friendly fire. Your savior wanted to be liked by Democrats rather than be conservative.

It’s funny. You all claimed principles in your vocal opposition to Trump, but it was those same principles that you set aside to push the weak-kneed Dem lite candidates.

“It’s about winnability!” Yep, and your boys lost. Except for W. Then we all lost, we just didn’t know it at the time.

See, here’s the thing: Most Trump supporters knew Trump was a lifelong Democrat. They knew he was for gay marriage before it was cool, he was okay with abortion. They’re not stupid. They weren’t conned.

But after Mitt and McCain and W, they wanted someone who would fight back. And here comes Trump.

This isn’t a defense of Trump. This is an indictment of you. And me. I voted for Mitt and McCain. Because we were told they would be more conservative in office than they had ever been publicly. So I ate the shit sandwich you served.

And I didn’t vote Trump in 2016. I didn’t believe he’d govern conservatively. I thought he’d just do everything the Dems wanted him to do. But he didn’t.

If you’re being honest, you know Trump governed more conservatively than Mitt would have. Much more than McCain would have.

I think part of why you hate Trump is that you know he governed more conservatively than those two would have and it pisses you off that a NY Dem-for-life turned out to be more conservative than the dogcrap donuts you tried to serve would have. You hate it. Just admit it.

So it is time to get off of Trump supporters because they just got off your mom. Quit blaming your failures on them. Quit blaming a “rise in populism” on people who just want America taken care of first.

“OMG AMERICA FIRST IS JUST LIKE NAZIS!!1!!11!1” Shut. The Fuck. Up. Seriously. Shut up. You’re an idiot.

Maybe if you’d have backed Rand Paul, we wouldn’t have had Trump. Maybe if you had demanded the Dem lites drop out of the 2016 race, we wouldn’t have had Trump.

But no. Your ego, your narcissism, your self involvement, your pride DEMANDED that we only consider weakass Mitt and Jeb.

This shit show is all you. And until you apologize for supporting and pushing candidates who would rather kneel to the Dems than stand for conservative values, there’s no reason we should care about your opinion.

“Well, I don’t support Biden but…” Lemme stop you there. We don’t care. Every lie you told about Trump supported Biden. Every time you jumped on Trump only to be proven wrong and you didn’t apologize, you supported Biden.

Just because you didn’t vocally support Biden doesn’t mean your actions and your words didn’t lend credence to Biden’s support.

“I didn’t bend the knee to Trump and so you’re mad at me!” LOL no. It has nothing to do with bending the knee to Trump. It has to do with you being an arrogant assbag who couldn’t put your pride aside long enough to try to find common ground.

There are a lot of people who criticized Trump very fairly. Only hardcore tribalists wouldn’t see anything bad he did. But there are a lot of those people who would also say “good Trump”. And only hardcore tribalists wouldn’t see anything good he did.

NeverTrump is as much a tribe as Trumpers. NeverTrump is as much a cult as Cult45. Recovery starts with admitting it.

This mess is all on you. Not Trump. Not the base. Not the populism. You. And if you don’t clean it up, the next mess will be on you too. So get started. Grab a mop.

Are you standing up and cheering right now?


What a dynamic tweet thread that was…This guy was able to put into words everything that is truly wrong and perverted about the NeverTrump movement.

He definitely shined a light of truth on a very dark and seedy movement.

Well done.


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