[VIDEO] Pelosi Slurs and Makes Bizarre “Hand Gestures” as She Tries to Tout Biden’s Amazing “Foreign Policy” Experience

[VIDEO] Pelosi Slurs and Makes Bizarre “Hand Gestures” as She Tries to Tout Biden’s Amazing “Foreign Policy” Experience

This video clip is bizarre for several reasons.


Firstly, how on earth can Nancy Pelosi say Joe Biden has amazing foreign policy experience with a straight face?

Well, maybe it’s because her face is frozen in a rictus of clownish horror 24/7, whether she likes it or not.

And that’s part of the bizarreness of this clip – Pelosi looks and sounds like she’s had a severe stroke. Her words are slurred, her face looks drawn, and she’s making some of the strangest hand movements ever…even by her standards.

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Pelosi was trying to convince the American people that Joe Biden is a mastermind when it comes to foreign policy.

That’s right, the man whose ineptitude and bungling “mashed potato brain” that helped get 13 of our beroes slaughtered in Kabal, is now a shining example of what “foreign policy” should be.

I’ll tell you what – Nancy’s desperate slurred and wacky words show you just how scared Dems are when it comes to Joe’s leadership.


They’re so scared that they’ll trot out a woman who looks and sounds like she’s half in the bag, in order to rewrite reality.

You can watch the video below:

This is what Dems love to do – they love to tell you what you’ve seen and heard with your own eyes and ears isn’t “real.” And then they tell you what it is you saw and what you heard so that it suits their agenda.

It’s an old communist propaganda trick and these bums use it all the time…it’ll work for a short period of time because they have the media doing their bidding, but over time the whole thing collapses like a house of cards.


It’s the same thing that’s happening with Biden’s mental health…we all know what’s going on, and aren’t buying the “rewrites” or lame “childhood stutter” excuses any longer.

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