[VIDEO] Triggered: Watch How Quickly Pelosi Goes From Phony Smile to “Demonic Glare”

[VIDEO] Triggered: Watch How Quickly Pelosi Goes From Phony Smile to “Demonic Glare”

I think Nancy peaked about 10 years ago.


She’s been running on fumes for a long time – hailed as this amazing political genius, when in fact, she was just coasting along, never having to actually fight until President Trump splashed on the scene.

And at that point, when faced with actual opposition, Pelosi lost her composure and went full hysterical nutbag…which is where we still are.

She’s an elderly woman who’s well past her prime, both politically, and personally.

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And it’s starting to show.

She no longer has that “filter” that politicians need, so they don’t show their cards or let their enemies know what triggers or bothers them.

Pelosi can no longer do that – her emotions are now controlling her, she’s not controlling them.

And nowhere was that more on display, than when Pelosi was recently speaking to reporters.


She was all fake smiles one second, and then the next, when asked a question she didn’t like, Pelosi turned into a demon spawn.

You can watch the video below:

It’s time for Pelosi to hang up her political boots and sit at home and eat her $44 dollar ice cream.

She’s clearly unhinged.


I have a feeling this will be her last hurrah.

I’d bet that R’s will retake the House and Senate, and Pelosi will slither off into the sunset, forever tormented by the ghost of President Trump who will haunt her for the remainder of her days.

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