Looks Like Colorado Dems Finally Found a Way to Remove Rep. Boebert Without an Election

Looks Like Colorado Dems Finally Found a Way to Remove Rep. Boebert Without an Election

Colorado Dems may have finally figured out a way to get rid of popular America First Rep. Lauren Boebert – and it doesn’t involve an election.


That’s right, Dems couldn’t beat Lauren Boebert in a fair election, so they’ll use the census to remove her seat.

The Conservative Brief reported that Colorado Dems may use the 2020 census as a guide to remove Rep. Boebert.  The nonpartisan redistricting group would move Rep. Boebert’s address into a solidly held Democrat district headed by Rep. Joe Neguse, The Denver Post reported.

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The proposal from the commission staff on Friday would rearrange the political geography as part of the once-a-decade redistricting process. It’s the first test of the commission model approved by voters in 2018. Staff had released a possible congressional map in June, but Friday’s was its first drawn off the official, newly released Census data that is required to be used for redistricting.

The map will be followed by a series of hearings, along with a map of state legislative districts. Both may change significantly in the weeks to come, as the commission races to meet an end-of-the-month deadline to approve maps.


Now that the state panel has issued a redistricting plan, it will hold a series of hearings during the next few weeks to debate the plan and collect suggestions for possible changes, the report said.

But we all know that they’re gunning for Lauren.

However, there is one ray of hope.


Since the Constitution doesn’t require House members to live in the same district they represent (they only need to live in the same state they represent), that means Boebert could decide to run again in the 3rd District.

Let’s hope she does because we need her and her voice in DC.

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