[VIDEO] The Internet Says This Woman Gave The Best Response to Biden’s “Vaccine Mandate” Speech

[VIDEO] The Internet Says This Woman Gave The Best Response to Biden’s “Vaccine Mandate” Speech

A lot of Americans were very insulted by Joe Biden’s recent “vaccine mandate” speech.


It’s amazing that a man who has bungled and destroyed literally everything he’s touched, including the border, the economy, Afghanistan, and COVID, has the audacity to lecture and shame Americans for his failures.

Yet, that’s exactly what this sociopathic senile buffoon did.

According to Joe, it’s the fault of the unvaccinated that there’s a Delta variant.



And the reason the vaccine isn’t working right is because of the unvaccinated.


I saw this tweet today and I think it’s brilliant and highlights very well this convoluted mess we’re all dealing with:

“Imagine getting a tetanus vaccine, then STILL coming down with tetanus. (Doesn’t happen) Then when you ask about it, your doctor tells you it is because someone else didn’t get the tetanus vaccine.”

Meanwhile, fully vaccinated people are catching COVID at alarming numbers.

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So, to sit there and have this decrepit, bungling fool scold and lecture Americans, blaming the unvaccinated for all his woes, and then telling 100 million Americans that his patience is “wearing thin” was a bit too much for many…

And this amazing woman here was bothered so much by that line, that she made a video to tell Joe Biden exactly what she thought of him…and a lot of people are calling this the “best response” to Joe’s speech out there.

I think you’ll like it.

You can watch the video below (warning language):

Well, that about says it all, right?

I will tell you what, Joe Biden’s off-putting, rude and nasty crotchety “old man” shtick is wearing really thin with the American people.


He offended Americans throughout the Afghanistan debacle by not taking the situation seriously and refusing to take responsibility, and then he offended Gold Star families and gave his “victory speech” where he literally yelled at Americans.

It’s clear that Joe Biden is nothing more than a mean old man suffering from some cognitive disorder.

He should be in a nursing home, not the White House.

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