[VIDEO] Restaurant Crowd Stands Up and Cheers Wildly For Sarah Huckabee On Campaign Trail

[VIDEO] Restaurant Crowd Stands Up and Cheers Wildly For Sarah Huckabee On Campaign Trail

Do you miss Sarah Huckabee?


Well, she’s back…

That’s right, Sarah is running to unseat RINO and TDS Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and by the looks of this crowd reaction in her home state, she’s got this one in the bag.

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Sarah Huckabee is on an “Arkansas Freedom Tour,” canvassing the state and spreading the America First message in hopes of ousting Asa, who is an old establishment relic, that spends more time pushing the left’s agenda, than “conserving” anything.

Asa is the poster boy for a typical RINO, the type of useless “Republican” who we need to get rid of if we have any hopes of taking this country back.

And Sarah is the perfect gal to do just that.

After all, nobody handled the press better than Sarah – well, maybe Kayleigh did – but Sarah was the first to take on the brutal fake news machine and win.


And when Sarah walked into this diner, the crowd went wild. They stood up and cheered for her like she was a rockstar…

It was a moment that I think President Trump would be very proud of.

You can watch the video below:

I get really excited to see this type of excitement from people over our America First candidates.


This gives me hope that we will oust a huge number of RINOs in 2022 and 2024.

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