The CBS “Survivor” Premier Was a Confusing, Woke, Awkward and Disheveled Mess

The CBS “Survivor” Premier Was a Confusing, Woke, Awkward and Disheveled Mess

I am a huge Survivor fan. I’m what you’d call a “Superfan.” I am one of those nerds who could win the grand prize playing “Survivor Trivia” in a pub, or something.

I have watched all 40 seasons from start to finish, several times over.

So, as you can imagine, I was really looking forward to last night’s premiere.


I actually got all my work done early, fed the dogs, made dinner, washed the dishes, and had my popcorn popped, waiting for the start of Season 41…I was so excited…and while, yes, I did expect some level of “wokeness” because I am a realist, I didn’t expect the disaster that unfolded on my TV screen for two dreadful hours.

Within the first few minutes, I was already disgusted and ready to throw projectiles at my flatscreen.

What an absolute disappointment this premiere was from top to bottom…from the “woke” cast to the “woke” stories to “woke” Jeff Probst – not to mention all the confusing new “gameplay” they’ve introduced and all of those weepy video bios of the contestants – it was all so stomach-turning.

And speaking of the contestants  – these aren’t Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast “Survivors” at all. They come off as societal victims who “survived” all those so-called Republican hillbillies who aren’t sophisticated and progressive enough to “accept” and “worship” their lifestyles and sexual preferences.

Seriously, that’s how it felt…

They picked a group of social justice warriors to play – not game warriors, and you can tell. It doesn’t “feel” like Survivor.

Did the casting director hand-pick all of the contestants from the “Women’s March” or something?

It was a complete and total mess.

Without drudging on too much over every single gory detail, I will discuss the few standout issues that really pissed me off about the premiere of Season 41.

Firstly, the cast.

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As I said, it had a very “forced diversity” feel.

Why can’t we just choose people who love to play this game? Why do skin color and sexuality have to be the new determining factor of whether or not you get on the show?

And you think I’m kidding? I’m not. It’s actually a new rule at CBS.

AV Club reported that last November, CBS committed to inclusive casting in its reality shows, with 50% of each show’s cast required to be BIPOC individuals.

The next issue I had was how they presented the contestants…It was like we were watching some award-winning A&E Biography on these people, complete with “flashback scenes” and videos of them in their “real life,” no doubt struggling to make it through the maze of evil Republican hillbillies who are out there trying to destroy progress and stuff.

CBS really went overboard trying to paint these folks like society’s heroes. It was weird, awkward, and felt very forced and out of place.

Someone over at CBS is either really scared of the liberal mob or suffers from a very guilty conscience – that’s the only reason I can think of for why the contestants were presented like holy relics or something.

Another thing I am sick and tired of is having to hear about people’s sexuality. I don’t want to hear if you’re “queer,” “gay,” “trans,” or a “man giving birth.”

Just stop.

The entire show was peppered with one homosexual reference and story after another. Okay, I get it, you’re gay and proud, but why do I have to be browbeaten with it every 10 minutes?

Not only do I not want to hear about it, but I also don’t want to be manipulated into “celebrating” anyone’s sexuality by executives at CBS.

And just to be fair, I don’t want to hear about the weird/kinky stuff hetero people do either, especially while watching a game show about outwitting, outlasting, and outplaying.

This is not the time or place for any of this sexual stuff, for crying out loud.

And the final thing I will gripe about from last night’s show is the left’s obsession with words.

Again, I am so sick and tired of playing “word games” with liberals.

In their world, a “man” can have a baby, but you can’t use the word “guys” to reference a group of people, because THAT’S somehow offensive…

Excuse me?

Call me old-fashioned, but as a woman, the idea that a man can now give birth is a tad more offensive to me than someone calling me and a group of others “guys”…and I have a feeling the majority of the population would agree with me, whether they admit it out loud or not.


But that’s what happened last night – the male contestant with a husband back at home who just “gave birth,” was offended that host Jeff Probst used the term “come on in guys,” when directing contestants to gather around for a challenge.

Yeah, the NERVE of Jeff, what a BIGOT, right?

But, of course, WOKE host Jeff Probst agreed to remove the phrase “come on in guys,” because Jeff wants Survivor to move along with the times.

Insert eye-roll here.

Well, I hate to be the one to break this to Jeff, but all he’s doing is catering to a small fringe group of kooks – Survivor isn’t “moving along with the times” after all – they’re actually caving to a fringe mob of very loud, unhinged people.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

And besides all the woke garbage, the actual game itself sucked, too.

I am not entirely sure why Probst – who’s a producer on the show – and his team decided to change things up in terms of gameplay. They added all of these side challenges and goofy and confusing “choices” that contestants make along the way, which just made the already crappy show, even more craptacular.

I was lost through most of the show – or maybe I just didn’t care to stay found, who knows…

It truly pains me to say all of this, but what a total and complete failure and disappointment Survivor has become in the “woke” age.


The bottom line is this: My favorite TV show of all time has been ruined. They got “woke” and it turned to complete sh*t.

Jeff Probst and the entire production team of Survivor need to be voted off the island…for good.

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