US Trucker Just Issued Warning About These Vaccine Mandates and Possible Food Shortages

US Trucker Just Issued Warning About These Vaccine Mandates and Possible Food Shortages

Things are going to get very scary and strange if Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate actually goes into effect.


We could see and experience things in this country that make Venezuela look “organized and happy.”

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And that’s what people are afraid of.

A man online who goes by the name Alexader Rogers, and says he’s a truck driver, has a warning about these vaccine mandates.

He was responding to a tweet from conservative pundit Jesse Kelly.

Kelly was discussing the mandates, and what a disservice they are to this country, just as a US Army lieutenant colonel has just tendered his resignation over this vaccine mandate from Joe Biden.

That caught Alexander’s eye, and he chimed in on the discussion.


He says when it hits truckers like him, and we see mass food shortages because these guys walk off the job or get fired for not taking the jab, Americans will understand what communism really is.

Here’s what Alexander said: “Wait until it hits truckers like myself and you start seeing mass food shortages. People are going to learn very quickly the cost of Communism.”

I think Alexander knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Look what happened in Australia, when their truckers went on strike.

It only took about 48 hours for their shelves to go bare.


Joe Biden is banking that his threats to take away people’s livelihoods and food will force their hand and they’ll get the jab.

I don’t know if that will happen.


Perhaps the threat won’t get implemented, or if it does, people may not comply and we’ll see mass food shortages. Who knows?

Either way, this is just another thing that Biden’s doing that is causing division and anger in this country.

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