[VIDEO] Thanks to Both The Song and The Flag, This Will Be The Best 25-Second Clip You’ll See All Day

[VIDEO] Thanks to Both The Song and The Flag, This Will Be The Best 25-Second Clip You’ll See All Day

Tonight President Trump is holding an amazing rally in Georgia.


And you can bet while President Trump is there, he will be talking a lot about the results from the Arizona Audit, which as we suspected, revealed a staggering amount of fraud.

The folks in charge of the audit claim that the amount of fraud they uncovered is enough to “flip” the state.

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What will happen next? Who knows…we hope that more will come of this, but I think we’re all painfully aware of the machine of corruption we’re up against.

But right now, there is some great satisfaction for many out there who have believed that President Trump was robbed, and believe he WON the 2020 election.


And that’s why this flag unfurling on a freeway overpass in Georgia, is so amazing to see…especially today…and the song choice for this clip was perfect, too.

You can watch the video below:

There’s definitely a renewed energy and vibe in the air.

As Biden’s poll numbers continue to plummet and more Americans feel comfortable to stand up and say what they’ve been thinking and feeling all along, you get a sense that the tide is turning, and the grip Joe and his commie handlers once had, doesn’t feel so tight or long-lasting anymore.


We still have a ways to go and a hard fight ahead of us, but you can start to see the light peek through now…just a little.

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