[VIDEO] Sen Risch Grills Blinken Over Who’s Controlling Joe…and His Response Will Have Your Eyes Rolling

[VIDEO] Sen Risch Grills Blinken Over Who’s Controlling Joe…and His Response Will Have Your Eyes Rolling

If you have eyes and ears and watch TV or videos online, chances are that you’ve seen Joe Biden bumbling his way through a speech or trying to answer questions.


You’ve also probably seen and heard Joe indicate that he’s “told” who to call on, and “advised” when he can leave the podium, etc.

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He does that a lot – actually, nearly every time he’s taking his “pre-screened” softball questions from the press.

But there’s another thing that also happens frequently – when Joe Biden is desperately trying to host one of his little webinars where he stammers and tries to discuss things like wildfires and vaccines, and when things start to look especially “bad” for Joe, speaking-wise, or if he starts rambling incoherently, the feed is suddenly turned off.

It actually happened a couple of days ago.


So, naturally, these constant issues that keep popping up are making people question exactly who is controlling Joe Biden.

Is there a “switch” someone can pull to cut the feed on Joe Biden? Sure looks that way, right?

And when Senator Risch asked this very question to Antony Blinken, his response was a stunner.


“Jim Risch: “Who in the White House has authority to “press the button” and cut off President Biden’s mic.” Blinken: “There is no such person. Again, the president speaks for himself.”

You can watch the video below:

These people really do think you and me and the rest of America are stupid.

They’re such propaganda artists that they’re starting to believe their own BS.


If they ignore it, it’s not real. If they say the opposite, that makes it so.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting here watching this bizarre reality unfold, feeling as if we’re living in the Twilight Zone.

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