US General Makes Disastrous Mistake With a Military Photo in Yet Another Bungled Tweet 

US General Makes Disastrous Mistake With a Military Photo in Yet Another Bungled Tweet 

Our military brass and the pencil-pushers are proving themselves to be a bunch of complete idiots.


The people running social media accounts for the military and some of these “woke” generals are making a mockery of themselves and the United States military with these ghastly tweets.

Remember when the official Marines account was arguing with Tucker, and calling him a “boomer?”

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And a slew of “woke generals” have been tweeting progressive garbage that sounds more like James Comey or George Conway-type comments than actual professional and disciplined military leaders speaking.

And all of these “woke” military brass sound like pompous elites – completely disconnected from the people who actually matter most – our enlisted soldiers.

Just look what this Luitenant General just did with a photo of British troops.

She thought they were Americans and also spelled “heroes” wrong.


What a mess.

Here’s what she said in the now-deleted tweet: “This picture is worth 1000 words—thanks to these American hero’s. #Grateful

Here are the comments from folks online:

“These troops are British – they have the SA80 rifles”

“I guess you just outed yourself as a pencil pusher.”

“You must be suuuuuuuuuper-woke to have gotten as far as you’ve gotten without even knowing what an American soldier looks like.”

“No offense but how’d you get to be an LTG?”

“Jesus Christ nothing says desk-bound like not even knowing what a US soldier looks like”

“”Tell me you’re an out-of-touch officer without saying ‘I’m an out-of-touch officer’.””

“The general should realize these are British troops”

“Don’t even know what your own troops look like….”

“Pretty sure those are Britts ma’am.”

“I am only an E4 but I do not believe they are Americans.”

“First, not US but Brits. Second, it’s “heroes” not “hero’s”. No wonder our military is in the shape it’s in, when it’s run by 3 stars like you.”

Our soldiers are amazing and we love them and support them, always.


But there are some real woke and dumb bunnies at the top, and our heroes deserve better than that type of inept and bungled so-called “leadership.”

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