[VIDEO] News Anchor Makes Epic “Freudian Slip” When Speaking About Vaccine

[VIDEO] News Anchor Makes Epic “Freudian Slip” When Speaking About Vaccine

I love when local newscasters make slipups, don’t you? I don’t know why, there’s something so innocent and “real” about a local newscaster – they’re not so polished and phony as the national news people, and their bloopers are always a hoot.


Sometimes their mistakes are quite “Freudian” and really send people into a tizzy and that’s what happened when this local Aussie newscaster was trying to talk about “COVID-19” but just picked the wrong word…

This news clip is real, and it happened back in April, but it just started making the rounds again on the internet.

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In the clip that’s floating around online, you don’t get to see the “Freudian slip,” because it’s edited out. But I went and hunted down the full clip, so you could get the entire context of what’s going on.

Essentially, what happened was a very prim and propper news anchor was trying to talk about what an Aussie biotech company was doing to stop people from dying of COVID-19, but instead, she said the company was trying to help people who were dying from the COVID vaccine.


This is the edited clip making the rounds online.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s the full video.

The Newscaster made the “Freudian slip” at the 20:38 mark…but you can see she corrects herself and says “COVID-19.”

The edited version of that clip leads people to believe that the newscaster didn’t make a “mistake” when speaking…and that a company actually was trying to create a “treatment” to help people dying of the vaccine.

Nope, not true.


The reason this clip from April is likely making the rounds online is that the vaccine is back in the spotlight for some not-so-awesome reasons.

Either way, this was a funny “slip up” not an actual report on a treatment for the vaccine.

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