WATCH: Here’s The 4-Second Clip That Has Americans Really Questioning Those “81 Million”

WATCH: Here’s The 4-Second Clip That Has Americans Really Questioning Those “81 Million”

Let’s face it, it’s getting harder and harder to believe this ridiculous “81 million” number, isn’t it?


I mean, I never bought it in the first place, but it’s to the point of absurdity now, right?

Honestly, where are Joe Biden’s supporters?

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This is a photo from an Obama rally…and we’re told that Joe Biden got more votes than him.

Obama Draws Huge Crowd in Oregon as Clinton Courts Kentucky - The New York Times

I guess we’re all witnessing the most popular political movement in the history of the country, with literally nobody to show for it.

And speaking of nobody showing up – on Tuesday, Joe Biden was in my home state of Michigan, in a city called Howell, which is on the east side of the state.

He rolled into town and was welcomed by a roadside Trump parade of about 1,500 people, waving “F Joe Biden” flags and “Trump 2024” flags…and it only got worse from that point on.

When Joe finally got settled and addressed his “crowd” (a term I am using very loosely), the response from the few people standing there waiting to listen to him, was mindboggling…So much so, it basically had everyone saying “okay, that’s it, there is NOT 81 million who voted for this guy…”


Come on, man…

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“And this guy received the most votes in American election history?”

“I can’t even pretend to go along with this 81 million number simply to be polite anymore” 

“Most beloved Pres”

“Most voted for president in the history of this country. Sure.” 

“I thought Michigan had more than 8 citizens?”

“All three news media cheered”

“after this do they seriously still expect us to believe that this clown is the most beloved president in u.s. history?”

“Their enthusiasm is contagious. LOL.”

“Same energy as being told you’re fired.”

“I’m sorry, but where are his supporters?” 

“Wow..sounds like standing room only.”

“I am not buying this 81 million number. Sorry. I’m not.” 

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the kind of welcome a guy who won 81 million legal votes gets.

It’s things like this, that add up over and over and over again, that slowly but surely eat away at Joe Biden’s credibility and this laughable number they throw out there.


We’re just supposed to take their word for it – that Joe is the most popular and beloved politician of all time because you can’t see it anywhere else. Nobody comes out for this guy – they don’t line the streets for him, they don’t show up at his little rallies or events, they don’t watch his stuff online, or his CNN specials.

It’s like all 81 million of his voters are completely and totally checked out…

Well, at least we know about 8 of his voters were in Michigan on Tuesday.

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