[VIDEO] Joe Biden Goes Off Teleprompter and Ends Up in 13-Seconds of Hell

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Goes Off Teleprompter and Ends Up in 13-Seconds of Hell

Anyone who argues that Joe Biden has his wits about him seriously needs to sit down and watch this horrifying 13-second clip.


When Joe decides to go off the teleprompter, I imagine his entire team cringing in the wings – people moaning and groaning with their heads in their hands – because it’s bad enough when he’s trying to read the gigantic words written for him, but it’s even worse when Joe tries to “wing it.”

And that’s what happened on Thursday in the greater Chicago area.

Biden once again malfunctioned and struggled for about 13-seconds-straight trying to utter the word “telephone” while speaking in Elk Grove, Illinois, where he was desperately trying to push his disasterous $3.5 million spending bill.

Check it out:

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Pretty horrifying right?

Americans everywhere are cringing and these comments prove it:

“Regress for a minute???? Joey’s been regressing for a number of years now…..Way To Go Brandon!!!!”

“His handlers are cringing. He’s gone off teleprompter.”

“My 92-year-old grandfather has a better working brain than his and he voted against this dim bulb.”

“The light bulb in his brain doesn’t go off anymore because it’s burned out.”

“THIS is what the GOP needs to be talking about. This man is an embarrassment.”


Please, for the love of all things holy, get this guy away from the microphone.

At this point, Joe is a parody of himself.

He’s the punchline of his own joke of a life.

How sad that his family has allowed this humiliation to go on.

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