Feds Drop All Felony Charges Against “Walk Away” Star Brandon Straka, But He’s Not Out of The Woods Yet

Feds Drop All Felony Charges Against “Walk Away” Star Brandon Straka, But He’s Not Out of The Woods Yet

We all miss Brandon Straka. I know I sure do.


But it’s understandable that he’s been steering clear of social media while he deals with this very serious situation that developed over January 6th.

A lot of right-wing blogs are posting a “big victory” lap for Brandon after feds dropped the felony charges against him.

Yes, that’s great news, and we love to hear it, but Brandon still has some big hurdles to clear, and he needs our support and prayers right now more than ever.

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While yes, the felony charges are dismissed, the misdemeanor that Brandon has agreed to plead guilty to holds a jail sentence of up to 6 months – that’s scary stuff, especially in this politically charged time.

Not to mention, he also has to sit down with the feds and hand over social media posts to them – clearly, they’re going to keep Brandon on the radar for as long as they can.

And that shouldn’t surprise anyone, because Brandon’s #WalkWay movement absolutely savaged and ravaged the Dem Party.

The Hill reported that the founder of a pro-Trump social media campaign aimed at steering Democrats away from their party pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a misdemeanor in connection to his involvement in the Jan. 6 riot.

Brandon Straka pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, which has a maximum jail sentence of six months, while another charge, impeding law enforcement during civil disorder, was dropped by prosecutors, The Washington Post reported.


In return for the reduced charges, Straka will be required to sit down for an interview with federal authorities and provide any evidence that could help officials in their investigations, including social media posts, according to the plea agreement.

Earlier in January, Straka faced several charges in connection to the January 6th event.

Here’s a reminder of what that event mostly looked like.


That’s not exactly a “violent insurrection.”

But speaking of violence…you’d think the FBI would be more interested in hunting down the person who planted the bombs at the DNC and RNC, right?

Why isn’t that a priority?

It’s a real Scooby-Doo mystery at this point – DC is the most “camera-crazy” city, yet somehow the FBI can’t track down this crazed and violent individual that “planted those bombs.”


I guess a runaway bomber isn’t top on the FBI’s list…But thank goodness they’re going after a former hairdresser with this “GITMO/waterboarding” treatment — that doesn’t look “political” at all, does it? ?

Priorities, people.

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