[VIDEO] Many People Believe Burger King Just Destroyed Their Entire Business Model With This “Woke” Move

[VIDEO] Many People Believe Burger King Just Destroyed Their Entire Business Model With This “Woke” Move

Remember what President Trump said?…


Everything “woke” turns to sh*t.

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Well, he was right and we’ve seen it time and time again.

And with what Burger King just did, many people are thinking that the end of their entire business model might be just around the corner.

Burger King just got very “woke”….Vax-style.

Now, if you want a Whopper in New York City, you need to show your proof of vaccine.

And a lot of people aren’t taking it well, at all.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what some folks said online:

“I wonder how sales will be ? Betting they will go down.”

“Go to the drive through, place a big order, arrive at window without a card.”

“There are places that are NOT checking. Find them, support them, and spread the word.”

“I’m totally against these vaccine passports. But maybe people need to boycott these place and start eating more healthier”

“They are working on their own bankruptcy. Keep up the good work”

“It’s a mighty big gamble to assume their burgers are worth that.”

“That location won’t be open for long”

“So you have to show a card proving you got a poison injection so you can get poison food. Makes sense.”

“So you need a health certificate to buy unhealthy foods”

I think that companies that do this – openly and proudly – will suffer in the long run.


Especially fast-food joints – because a lot of folks who aren’t getting the vaccine are lower-income and tend to eat at fast-food restaurants more often.

So, they could be setting themselves up for a major fall.

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