[VIDEO] All It Took Was This Country Music Star to “Whistle” and The Entire Arena Erupted in “F Joe Biden” Chant

[VIDEO] All It Took Was This Country Music Star to “Whistle” and The Entire Arena Erupted in “F Joe Biden” Chant

Oh lordy, the F Joe Biden chant is so popular now, that even when someone “whistles it” without saying a word, people know exactly what it means and start chanting!


Honestly though, all jokes aside, people are really bonding over this chant – and it’s not that it’s foul language or anything like that – and I know that bothers some people – but I really think that this is a way for Americans to truly express just how disgusted they are with this feeble communist.

It takes the “Joe Biden Sucks” chant to a whole new level – and after all the new “levels” Biden has taken us to, I think turnabout is fair play.

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And the chant is becoming a national pastime at this point, and we know that the chant and flags and whatnot really bother Joe Biden – of course they do – the elites only fear one thing – and that’s being mocked.

Nothing scares an elitist more than being publically humiliated.

And trust me, this chant is humiliating Biden to no end…

But this whistling is what really got me…


Country star Aaron Lewis was on stage in front of thousands of fans, and all he had to do was whistle a little tune into the mic and he started a chant that absolutely rocked the rafters.


I gotta say, aside from maybe one football stadium in Alabama, this is the loudest F Joe Biden chant I’ve heard yet.


And it all started from an innocent little whistle…

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