Rumors Flying Around Social Media About What Really Happened to Facebook Are Alarming

Rumors Flying Around Social Media About What Really Happened to Facebook Are Alarming

As you likely know by now, Facebook and Instagram are down.


But more than just “down,” they’re out of play, and some are saying they’re down for the count.

Of course, when things like this happen and we don’t have a lot of information, the rumor mill really starts churning.

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But with that said, it’s also interesting to see different experts’ spin on what’s happening, and in terms of Facebook, some of the assessments are rather alarming.

Now, I am no techy, but the fact that Facebook has been down this long – basically the entire day thus far, is an obvious cause for concern.

Here’s what some folks are talking about online right now:

According to a couple of verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook is in some big trouble.


“so, we just got this in. sources suggesting Facebook is deleted forever. shocking if true”

“So, someone deleted large sections of the routing….that doesn’t mean Facebook is just down, from the looks of it….that means Facebook is GONE.”

These are frighting prospects, for sure.

And check this one out from New York Times:

“JUST IN – Facebook employees reportedly can’t enter buildings to evaluate the Internet outage because their door access badges weren’t working (NYT)”

However, Facebook has a team of people who are working on it, so my guess is no matter what actually did happen, they will get it back up and running soon.

As a matter of fact, this just hit the wire:

There are millions and millions of people all over the world who use Facebook for work – and without it, they’re dead in the water.

And now, this terrible incident that has impacted a lot of people’s livelihoods has sparked talk about how it’s time to break these tech giants up.

“It may be obvious when stated but it’s not obvious when unstated. Today ended the antitrust debate. No one company can have this much control over infrastructure.”


The scary part is, I don’t think I want the government stepping in and doing anything with “big tech” while Joe Biden is in office, do you?

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