[VIDEO] Savvy Twitter Users Spot Something Alarming on Fauci’s Bookshelf

[VIDEO] Savvy Twitter Users Spot Something Alarming on Fauci’s Bookshelf

During a 9+ minute-long interview, Dr. Fauci answered some pretty tough questions from Hugh Hewitt.


During the interview, Hewitt asked Fauci why he hasn’t resigned yet given all his flip-flopping, failed predictions, lies, and hypocrisy.

Fauci has not only destroyed his own credibility with all his wild and incorrect nonsense but he’s also helped to destroy the public’s trust in “experts” and “science” in general.

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Of course, as with all typical elites, Fauci refuses to take responsibility for anything the “peasants” are saying.

He doesn’t care how many lowly Americans don’t believe in him, as long as his small bubble of elites keeps puffing him up and putting him on CNN, he’s a-okay.

And while the interview with Hugh did not reveal any big “shocks,” it did reveal one interesting thing…

We now know what creepy items Fauci keeps on his bookshelf.

You can watch the video below:

One savvy Twitter user noticed that creepy and narcissistic Dr. Fauci keeps a bunch of “Fauci Candles” on his shelf.


That’s right, this ghoulish, self-centered weirdo has “cult-like,” creepy candles of himself sitting on the shelf right behind him.

Check it out:

Here are a few of the comments from folks online:

“I hope the Christmas supply of Fauci action figures isn’t stuck on those container ships off California.” 

“St Fauci patron saint of gnomes and bats”

“You know those candles were made in China” 

“Mementos of human victims & all the dogs too? Ordinarily when a sadistic psychopath is a threat to himself and others he is locked up in a mental ward. A lying serial killer is now boss & master of a world full of gullible slaves. Of course he worships himself as ‘satan supreme’.”

“Fauxi certainly is full of himself as well as other odorous matter.”

“What do u expect from a narcissistic little weasel”


It really does seem fitting that Fauci would worship himself and buy into the cult-like hype that surrounds him and keeps his political game going, doesn’t it?

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