[VIDEO] This Brilliant Hippy “Schools” Clueless Masked Liberals in a Way You’ve Never Seen Before…Amazing 

[VIDEO] This Brilliant Hippy “Schools” Clueless Masked Liberals in a Way You’ve Never Seen Before…Amazing 

I saw this clip and this person who shared it said how “amazing” this guy is and “listen until the end…” and I thought, “oh okay, he looks like Tom Hanks at the end of Forrest Gump…what could this guy say that is so “amazing” ???


Well, I will tell you what – I need to stop judging books by their cover because guess what? That guy IS AMAZING, and he did blow me away and I think he’ll blow you away, too.

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I have seen 100 million videos of people “owning” and “schooling” liberals and most of them are good, I love to watch them…but this clip is in a class all by itself.

You will never in your life see anybody “school” clueless liberals, like this hippy guy just did.

It’s so good and so unique, I am not even going to set it up – I won’t do it justice…Just watch it for yourself.


You can watch the video below:

That was great, right?

There’s nothing like a hippy totally owning two clueless liberals who think they’re so “free,” yet they’re walking around all masked-up, depriving themselves of oxygen.

The way this guy points out all of that to them and pushes back on the canned bullet points they were spouting, was brilliant.


I loved it, and I hope this guy runs into liberals all day/every day and does the same thing to every one of them! ?

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