[VIDEO] Trump’s Former Attorney Jay Sekulow Reveals “Secret Written Deal” Between Schumer and Manchin

[VIDEO] Trump’s Former Attorney Jay Sekulow Reveals “Secret Written Deal” Between Schumer and Manchin

I think it’s safe to say that the Democrat Party is imploding right now.


You’ve got an unpopular so-called president, who is sinking in the polls like the Titanic on steroids, and his cackling VP isn’t far behind.

The country is miserable, the economy sucks, inflation is soaring, and Joe Biden is trying like hell to pass a 3.5 TRILLION dollar bill that will absolutely bury America.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he and his vodka-soaked prune Pelosi, are trying to tell Americans that it will cost NOTHING.

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Yeah, sure. We’ve heard that before.

And right now, the one guy standing in the way of this nightmare becoming a reality is Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia – one of the states that love President Trump most of all…Manchin, will not pass a 3.5 trillion dollar bill, which is good…but before you get too excited, he is cutting some deals behind the scenes with Schumer…and former Trump attorney Jay Sokolov actually has the “secret” document deal.


But, while this “deal” reaks of all the political smarmy stuff we’ve come to hate, it also really reveals what bad shape the Dem Party is in right now.

Complete shambles.

You can watch the video below:

Well, clearly, the Dems are in a bad place right now – and it’s likely going to get worse before they squeak out a semi-victory.


But rest assured, they will pull something out – they simply can’t allow this to go down in a ball of flames – the question will be – how much will they give up, and how mad will their voters be, and most importantly, how much damage will it do to the country?

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