[VIDEO] Jesse Watters Finally Breaks Ranks With Every Other Fox News Host

[VIDEO] Jesse Watters Finally Breaks Ranks With Every Other Fox News Host

There’s one way you can really tell how evil Fox News is – it’s by how they refuse to discuss the sham 2020 election and the Arizona Audit.


According to Fox News, the 2020 election was the fairest in all the land and it shouldn’t be questioned. Even as all the evidence from the AZ audit piles up and stares them right in the face.

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It’s disgusting to me and many others that Fox News refuses to discuss the Arizona Audit, but it’s not surprising.

My guess is that the bigwigs, like TDS loon Paul Ryan, told their hosts to keep mum about the audit, because it’s a bit too curious that nobody has said anything, except that the AZ audit proves Biden won.

Yes, that’s the hogwash that Bret Baier peddled, which again, shouldn’t surprise anyone since he led the Fox News sham on election night when they called Arizona for Biden.

They will live and die on that hill.

So, it was very refreshing when one lonely host broke ranks with every other Fox News host and actually mentioned the Arizona Audit.

Jesse Watters briefly mentioned the audit and the 57 thousand ballots that are left in question.

You can watch the video below:

I would have thought Tucker Carlson would have been the one to bring this up – but he didn’t, and it’s very disappointing that he’s kept quiet thus far.

This topic deserves so much more coverage than it’s getting, but we appreciate Jesse doing the hard work and actually calling it out. I have a feeling that wasn’t “easy” for him, work-wise.


But it’s fair to note that the majority of people watching Fox News do not believe Joe Biden won “fair and square,” so Fox News is yet again betraying their viewers with what they’re doing and not doing.

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