[VIDEO] Joe Biden’s Motorcade Got a Front-Row Seat to a Brutal “Welcome” When He Arrived in Michigan

[VIDEO] Joe Biden’s Motorcade Got a Front-Row Seat to a Brutal “Welcome” When He Arrived in Michigan

I don’t know how much longer Joe Biden’s Handlers will allow him to be humiliated like this in public.


But it’s tough for the Handlers because this isn’t the sham campaign anymore and they just can’t hide Bumbling Joe in the basement. He’s the so-called “president” now and he has to get out there and be in public and right now, it’s going really, really bad for him.

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Let’s face it, Joe Biden is not popular. The American people are not happy with him, and they’re doing everything they can to get this point across, and now, it’s getting louder and louder and harder and harder to ignore.

Take, for example, Joe Biden’s trip to Howell, Michigan on Tuesday.

His motorcade had a front-row seat to a parade of people lined up with “F Joe Biden” flags, Trump flags, Americans flags, all jeering him loudly.


You can watch the videos below:

This is a real problem for the Handlers. They’re watching their facade of “popular Joe” crumble right before their eyes.

And it gets harder and harder to convince people, that a man who so widely scorned and disliked, is the same guy who supposedly won 81 million legal votes.

Because if that were the case, where the heck are Joe’s supporters?

He’s tumbling in the polls, and all of his decisions and positions are unpopular ones.

Joe Biden is an arrogant establishment politician who treats Americans like dumb dirtbags – he’s playing old-school 90s politics in 2021 when old-school politics have been sacrificed on the political altar 5 or so years ago. The man is past his prime in more ways than one.


And what happened in Michigan is the result of all that.

People will line the streets and jeer you…and Joe deserves every last bit of it.

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