[VIDEO] Joe Biden Has Meltdown Over Anti-Biden Crowd in Michigan

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Has Meltdown Over Anti-Biden Crowd in Michigan

Joe Biden had a meltdown over the massive anti-Biden crowd in Howell, Michigan.

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Biden faced down a very rowdy and large crowd of people holding up F Joe Biden signs and flags and Trump signs and flags. It was quite a sight to behold, and a very huge statement from Americans, who have been making it clear all over the country that they don’t like Joe Biden.


The pressure of his poor choices and lousy decisions, and the realization that he’s not liked by anyone, is eating away at Joe…as it should, because he’s not only an evil and arrogant man, he’s also a confused, bumbling sham “president” and everyone knows it…and I think it’s starting to register with confused Joe, too.

While he was speaking in Michigan, Biden let it leak out how bothered he is over the massive show of support for Trump that he sees time and time again when he’s in his motorcade.

Well, where are his supporters?


So much so, that he had a meltdown, where he went on a rant about how he won “81 million votes,” and how his win was the most “historic” in history.

LOL suuuurrrre, Joe. 

Look, Joe is an elite and he’s being savagely mocked and humiliated right now and there’s nothing worse you can do to a pompous elite than humiliate them.

They can’t handle it. They’d rather be called “demons” and “liars” than be embarrassed in public like this.

It is the ONLY thing that can truly wound them…so keep it up.

Take a look:

Okay, Joe, so again, where are your supporters?


They can come out and wave flags and hold signs and show support for you whenever they want, yet they never do.

Why is that?

That’s a question the entire world wants to know the answer to.

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