[VIDEO] Biden Makes About 5 Anti-Science, Bizarre, Clownish, and Alarming Moves in One 26-Second Clip

[VIDEO] Biden Makes About 5 Anti-Science, Bizarre, Clownish, and Alarming Moves in One 26-Second Clip

This short clip of Biden shuffling up to the press packs a lot of punch.


In about 26-short seconds, Biden proves that he’s more feeble than we thought – he’s got that elderly man shuffle down – where they shuffle way too fast and look like they’re going to tip over.

He looks so incredibly shaky and unsure on his feet and seems so old.

That’s how he approached the press – totally masked up.


That sent yet another confusing message…didn’t he just get a THIRD “vaccine” shot?

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Why on earth is he still wearing a mask? Reminds me of when he first got the vaccine shot back in January.

He and Kamala wore masks for MONTHS after that…and they wonder why people thought the vaccine didn’t work…

But don’t worry, he fixes that confusion by waiting until he gets close to people to PULL DOWN his mask and start rambling.

Again, none of this makes a lick of sense.


And speaking of that ramble – Joe starts talking about himself – speaking way too loud and clownishly refers to himself in the “third person.”

You can watch the video below:

That’s a lot of weird, concerning, and confusing stuff to happen in only 26-seconds, right?


If President Trump had even done one of those bizarre things, the press would be talking about it for a week.

But since it’s Biden, we all now pretend this behavior is normal.

It’s not.

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