[VIDEO] Joe Rogan Says Something Happened That Makes Him Think Biden Didn’t Really Get a Booster Shot 

[VIDEO] Joe Rogan Says Something Happened That Makes Him Think Biden Didn’t Really Get a Booster Shot 

There’s been a lot of strange happenings lately, specifically surrounding Joe Biden and his bizarre “booster shot.”


Joe Biden kicked off the new wave of “vaccines” by getting a so-called booster shot on live TV.

But what made things really weird was that Joe Biden took the “shot” on a stage designed to look like the White House.

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It all seemed so fake and staged.

Needless to say, people were creeped out by this. Joe already has a huge credibility problem and is having issues handling COVID thanks to all the disinformation he’s been spreading for months now – telling people during the CNN town hall that the vaccine was “immunity” and if you got the shot you wouldn’t get COVID.

That was a lie.

Furthermore, he and his sidekick Kamala poo-pooed the vaccine when it was “Trump’s vax,” and made a lot of people feel afraid and leery of it. Then, they confused everyone when they continued wearing masks for months after they took the jab.

People didn’t understand what the point of taking the jab was if you had to keep wearing a mask.

Joe Biden and his admin have caused much of the confusion and distrust with this vaccine, yet they refuse to take responsibility for it and instead blame the unvaccinated for the problems that Joe is having.

But Joe Biden can spin this all he wants – it doesn’t matter – the American people don’t trust him.


So much so, that popular podcaster Joe Rogan is convinced that Biden didn’t actually take that booster shot on live TV.

And that’s the key for him – “LIVE TV.”

Joe says there’s no way that Joe’s Handlers would allow him to take a shot on live TV, not knowing what his reaction to it might be.

Interesting point. 

You can watch the video below:

Trust me, Joe isn’t the only one who feels this way.

A lot of Americans think the booster stunt was all “theatre.”


And the fact that he did it on a fake White House set, doesn’t help matters.

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