[VIDEO] Remember Kamala’s “Crisis PR Team”? Well, Here’s Her New “Personality Makeover”

[VIDEO] Remember Kamala’s “Crisis PR Team”? Well, Here’s Her New “Personality Makeover”

Kamala is an unpopular, unlikeable, cold, fake woman with a cackle that makes people’s skin crawl.


She is about as likable as Hillary Clinton – but at least Hillary has a base of real supporters, even though she’s Satan’s bride.

Kamala can’t say the same. Nobody likes her, and nobody wanted her as president or VP.

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This woman comes off as bossy, domineering, manly, aggressive, callous, and unapproachable.

Trust me, there’s a reason why she had to drop out of the Dem primary so early – that weird nerd Andrew Yang lasted longer than she did – that’s how bad things went for Kamala.

And now that Joe has sunk in the polls, they need to try and lug Kamala out of the abyss – so they hired a PR CRISIS team in order to revamp Kamala’s personality and try to make her sort of likable.

Well, two new videos are out and it looks like Kamala’s taking her new personality for a test drive…what do you think about the new so-called “feminine, soft, and approachable” Kamala?


You can watch the videos below:

As some of you know, I have a PR background, and I can spot this stuff from a mile away.

They’re trying to make Kamala softer, more womanly, and approachable.


So they put her in pastels, use a soft filter on her, have her touch her hair, laugh softly, and surround her with young, innocent girls and boys. Then, they’ll put her in a situation where Kamala can learn, grow, discover and wonder curiously with the kids.

Awww, so motherly, so feminine, so soft and gentle…bla bla bla.

It’s all so phony and silly, but some people will fall for this – because they’ll lay it on very thick for a long time.

But overall, this is way too little too late – sorry folks, we all know exactly who Kamala is – she’s a rude, aggressive elite who’s used men to get what she wants – and there isn’t a pastel pants suit on earth that can change that fact.

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