Report: GOP Ohio Gov DeWine is Helping Pelosi Keep Her House Majority With This Devious New Plan 

Report: GOP Ohio Gov DeWine is Helping Pelosi Keep Her House Majority With This Devious New Plan 

I have said this all along – the Dems are not our biggest enemy right now – it’s the RINOs in the Republican Party.


These cowardly globalists have done more harm to our party and our causes than the Dems ever could.

But it’s not just in-your-face public scumbuckets like Mitt Romney who are doing damage –  it’s the quiet RINOs who fly so low under the radar that are destroying us from the inside.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at what Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is currently trying to do.

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This so-called “Republican” is now secretly working to secure Nancy Pelosi’s majority in the House by revamping his state’s map and eliminating America First Congressman Jim Jordan’s seat.

Breitbart reported that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, state auditor Keith Faber, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose are considering offering and adopting a redistricting map ahead of the 2022 midterm elections that would be overly beneficial and lopsided toward helping Democrats retain their U.S. House majority, Breitbart News has learned.

Two senior Republican officials briefed on the proposal before its expected introduction next week told Breitbart News that DeWine, Faber, and LaRose are considering drawing a number of pro-Trump Republicans into Democrat-leaning districts as part of retaliation against former President Donald Trump, who the three establishment GOP leaders dislike. The two senior Republicans briefed on the plan told Breitbart News they believe this retaliation from DeWine and others is an effort to steer the GOP away from Trump, who won the the state of Ohio by huge margins in both 2016 and 2020, because they do not like the direction the party is currently going.

The map currently under consideration, these GOP officials said, could jeopardize as many as four or five GOP congressional districts in Ohio—a crushing blow to GOP efforts to retake the U.S. House majority. To retake the majority, Republicans currently need to flip a net five seats or more from Democrat hands into GOP hands in November next year—something that losing several seats in deep-red Ohio could seriously complicate.


A GOP source who has seen the map that DeWine as of now intends to introduce next week told Breitbart News that it would eliminate the district of Trump stalwart Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), pushing it entirely into deep-blue Columbus, Ohio, the state capital, instead.

We don’t need enemies when we have “friends” like Mike, right?

I don’t need to tell you, that if Mike gets his way and this goes through, we’re dead in the water.

If we don’t get rid of RINOs like Mike DeWine we will never win a damn thing. They are fighting against us, and they’re far more dangerous than Dems because they’re still fooling a lot of Republican voters out there.

If you want to contact Mike DeWine and tell him what you think of this move of his, you can reach him on Twitter here.

And you can reach him on Facebook here

It’s time to fight back, before all these RINOs sideline every last one of our America First soldiers.

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