[VIDEO] Listen to How NBC Reporter Shamelessly Tries to Cover Up The “F Joe Biden” Chant During NASCAR Race 

[VIDEO] Listen to How NBC Reporter Shamelessly Tries to Cover Up The “F Joe Biden” Chant During NASCAR Race 

NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast just showed the world the lengths she will go to in order to spare Joe Biden any humiliation.


It’s amazing to watch “sports reporters”  get political and join the ranks of the “fake news.”

But that’s exactly what Kelli did during yesterday’s NASCA race, during an interview with driver Brandon Brown.

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While the interview was going on LIVE, you can clearly hear the crowd start up an “F Joe Biden” chant.

There’s no mistaking what it is – not even one inkling of a question.

We’ve all heard the F Joe Biden chant hundreds of times by now – it’s becoming a national pastime, and it’s very distinct.

Well, when the chant started up during Kelli’s NASCAR interview, she quickly went into “damage control” and claimed that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Give me a break…what a sham. 


You can watch the video below:

And I don’t buy that Kelli was trying to cover for a “bad word” on national television.

If that was the case, she could have just ignored the chant or spoke up louder to distract from the chant.


In my opinion, she wanted to provide cover for Joe Biden and stop him from being publically humiliated.

Well, it didn’t work – she actually brought more attention to it and made matters worse.

The media can’t hide it anymore…America doesn’t like Joe Biden.

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