Newt Gingrich Just Decided It Was Time to Eviscerate Woke General Milley…and It’s Glorious

Newt Gingrich Just Decided It Was Time to Eviscerate Woke General Milley…and It’s Glorious
Milley's antics exposed the extent to which Barack Obama-era socialism has infected the United States military.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke out this week to say that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley is owed a “debt of gratitude” from the American people because he exposed the extent to which Barack Obama-era socialism has infected the United States military.


While speaking to Fox News host Ben Domenech, Gingrich explained that the proverbial “disease” is not one of the brave service members, but one spread by politicized and incompetent leadership from the top of the Pentagon, thanks in part to “nutty” people that Presidents Obama and Biden installed in the bureaucracy.


Gingrich said this in response to Domenech saying that the military’s top brass is more focused on their personal career and wealth, as they are typically vying for cushy spots on defense contractor boards like Raytheon. In doing so, they must submit to”woke” or left-wing and corporatist orthodoxy.

“I think you first have to recognize that this is part of a larger problem – the big government socialism which now dominates our elites corrupts everything it touches. It corrupts FBI and Justice Department [and] schools where students who can’t pass any tests it corrupts our major corporations,” Gingrich said. “So, of course the same disease, the same kind of spreading across the land of these kind of corrupt ideas have hit the Pentagon.”


“And people like the General Milley, you know, he did this,” he added. “And he decided from Obama to Biden — which is the same system, Obama began the corrupting of America and someday people will write about how much his appointees and his policies and his rhetoric undermined America and weakened America and increased, by the way, racial tension in America.”

Gingrich went on to say that Obama’s orchestrated shift of America toward the socialist left was compounded by “his vice president, [who] brought even nuttier people to be a part of the government.”

“The depth of corruption, which is at the heart of big government socialism, is a topic that hasn’t even begun to be discussed yet,” the Republican said. “It’s a moral corruption. It’s a corruption which breaks the law. It breaks the law at the border. When 400,000 people cross the border every month, that’s a level of law breaking a level of corrupt behavior that astonishing, and you find it every aspect of the current system.”

As for the military, Gingrich said that by 1990, the top brass had transformed to a markedly better system than in the Vietnam era. However, since then, it has been back on the downswing:

“I have to say we all owe General Milley a debt of gratitude: He is so incompetent. He is so blatantly obvious, he lies so clearly in public, what he says is so clearly despicable, that anybody who has any sense at all knows this guy shouldn’t be chairman of the joint chiefs and tells you how sick the system is that the system thinks it’s fine,” he said.

“There is something deeply sick about the idea that starting tomorrow this corrupt group of left-wing ideologues is going to monitor every soldier, sailor, marine, Coast Guard and airman. I find that so unamerican, so much like Chinese communism or the Soviet communism that it is – I’m surprised the American people aren’t in rebellion,” Gingrich concluded.

This comes after it was reported that all personnel in the Department of Defense will have to go through “continuous vetting” and may soon be subject to surveillance of their social media posts in an attempt to spot extremists.


“Whether it’s an event-driven look at social media, whether it’s a regular continuous look at some social media or whether it’s a one-time — when they’re investigated — look at social media, there’s different ways you could use some of the social media, search capabilities that are out there,” William Lietzau, who is the head of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, told Defense One. “We’re still right now analyzing how much value we think there is.”

This is just another example of the damage that the left is doing to our great country.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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