Conservative Journo Posts Photo of Obama’s “Shadow Government” Leaving Pelosi’s Office 

Conservative Journo Posts Photo of Obama’s “Shadow Government” Leaving Pelosi’s Office 

Joe Biden is having big problems abroad,  but also at home, too.


Here you have this unpopular so-called “president” who’s screwed up everything he touches, trying to pass this monstrous “Build Back Better” package that will sink Americans deeper into debt, and cause inflation to shoot up even higher than it already is.

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And all the while Biden is trying to shove this communist bill down American’s gullets, he’s taking away the livelihoods of hardworking Americans just because they don’t want to take a vaccine that isn’t even working, and one that he’s been spreading misinformation about or months now.

It’s not going well for Biden, and so far, all of his plans for the Build Back Better bill have been stalled.


Republicans are now mocking Biden and his failed agenda.

Things have gotten so incredibly bad, that the puppeteers have had to slither out of the shadows to try and fix this mess.

See, popular presidents who actually have a “movement” and who legitimately won their election wouldn’t be having this hard of a time. But Biden is none of those things, and he’s practically in “lame duck” status right now, with his approvals in the low 30s in countless states.

This is why the “big guns” have to come creeping out from under the rocks to do the “clean up” and try and get something passed so they don’t have a complete and total failure on their hands.

And that’s where Susan Rice comes in.

A photo of Susan with another “negotiator” named Brian Deese has made the rounds online.

The two were spotted as they left Nancy Pelosi’s office. They wouldn’t take questions. They just walked silently down the hall.

Conservative journalist “Sundance” who writes for the very popular political blog “Conservative Tree House” posted this photo with the caption: “Obama’s Shadow government…”

As you know by now, Richard Grenell, Trump’s former ‘spy guy’ has long said that Susan Rice was the “real president.”

Here’s what some folks said about the “shadow government” photo online:

“Grifting fraudulent unelected traitorous scum, they must pay for their treasonous crimes!”

“We’ve known this was going on since the election “results”. Why are Republicans doing nothing about this constitutional crisis?”

“They own Biden…as does the Open Society Foundation.”

“The viper’s nest”

“Pelosi just called it 0BAMAS AGENDA the other day” 

“coming out of the shadows.”

Rice has always been Obama’s closest ally, so it only makes sense that she’d be ‘representing’ him.


However, with how Joe has botched everything, I can’t imagine that Obama is very pleased right now, and that’s likely why you see Susan out in public, trying to do what she can to fix Biden’s very public mess he’s made.


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