Pitbull Has A Message For Those Who Hate The U.S. – God Bless You But F** You At The Same Time

Pitbull Has A Message For Those Who Hate The U.S. – God Bless You But F** You At The Same Time

Hollywood or the music industry doesn’t really talk about Rapper Pitbull that much anymore and it seems they are trying to keep him quiet they don’t want him spreading the truth about America and how great it is or how Communism is destroying the country.


A few months ago, Pitbull called out communism and what was happening in the United States. I can’t believe this is months old and never saw or heard of it. Goes to show mainstream and the big tech didn’t want people to see this.

There is a reason why Venezuelans and Cubans warn everyone about the danger that cultural marxism represents, they’ve been there when it is put into practice.

Listening to this young man and only knowing him for his music, I’m shocked that someone as inarticulate as Pitbull is so politically aware. Truly impressed! It’s because being Cuban-American, he understands communism and cares about the country that he lives in.

There are some people that have some very good insight just like Pitbull and then the left will try to censor them. The problem is the evil leftist can’t censor us all! People are waking up to the disgust and the massive damage the left is doing to this country.

I love how Pitbull is also a man of action. For everyone removing responsibility from yourself, stop it. Get organized, educated, and activate your local communities.

The country is made up of states which are made up of districts which are made up of towns. Donald Trump isn’t coming back anytime soon and we aren’t changing anything by all sitting and agreeing how media or BLM or Joe Biden or whatever sucks.

Trump laid the blueprint for everybody to get moving. Let’s roll!

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