[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Strikes Again, But Notice This Time He Gets Really Snarky With Jen Psaki

[VIDEO] Peter Doocy Strikes Again, But Notice This Time He Gets Really Snarky With Jen Psaki

You know things are getting bad for Ken Psaki when mild-mannered Peter Doocy starts getting aggressive and annoyed.


I think all the lies, double-talk, and side-stepping that Jen Psaki does all day is getting on everyone’s nerves.

I know it’s annoying me, how about you?

I’ve never seen someone lie with such impunity and a smug “Karen” look on her face, like Jen does.

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And once again, Psaki told a whopper and Doocy was not only ready for it, but he wasn’t going to let her get away with it and he got pretty snotty – in a good way.

The whole exchanged centered around a comment John Kerry made about Biden, which basically tossed him under the bus and made Joe look like the bumbling doofus that he is.

In short, Kerry basically said Joe Biden was completely clueless and out of the loop regarding the incident where France got angry with the US and pulled their UN Ambassador.

Biden administration climate envoy John Kerry told French TV station BFMTV on Monday that President Biden did not know why France temporarily recalled its diplomats from Washington last month.


“He asked me, ‘What’s the situation?'” Kerry recalled.

Well, Peter asked Jen about it, and I want you to pay attention to how snarky Peter gets when he demands to know what else they are keeping from Biden.

Great stuff, and it really flustered Jen.

You can watch the video below:

You can clearly see Jen is at her wits end with this job, and Peter, who does seem like a nice guy, is going in for the political “kill” now.

I think he can sense blood in the political waters as Joe’s approvals continue to tank.


A very left-leaning pollster just came out with a poll that has Joe Biden at 38 percent…which likely means he’s about 10 points lower.

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