Young Man Tells Brutal Truth On Why Majority Of Black Community Is Hesitant On Getting “The Jab”

Young Man Tells Brutal Truth On Why Majority Of Black Community Is Hesitant On Getting “The Jab”

When I got COVID-19 a couple of weeks ago, after a few days with the symptoms, I went to the hospital at the behest of my friends and got the anti-bodies. The doctor asked me why had I not gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

My response to him was “You really want to go there? You really want me to answer you. Tuskegee. The Tuskegee Experiment.” He responded, “ok. no problem. I understand.”

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The young man in this video posted a strong response about why Black Americans are hesitant about getting the vaccine and it’s a must-watch!

It should be unconstitutional for any politician to impose any laws or rules on citizens that don’t apply to Congress, the President’s administration, or local politicians. What happened to government by the people, for the people, and of the people?

I guess that the false narrative that the only people who are hesitant to take the vaccination are Republicans or Trump supporters and that all Republicans and Trump supporters are anti-fax is starting to fall apart. That false narrative was intentionally created by liberal/progressive/democrats and the media to use the COVID as a means to further divide our society.

Democrats are the masters of illusion, they get you to look in one direction as they control your perception in another. It’s the wise person that stops look in the other direction to really grasp what’s really going on. Republicans want you to totally understand your choices.

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What part of the Constitution allows elected officials to issue mandates? Odd that not one liberal has attempted to answer.

If The American people keep fighting each other we will never win this war against the Elite in power who is attacking all of us for their own personal gain.

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