NBC Claims Unprecedented Crisis of 400K Migrants On Their Way To The Texas Border

NBC Claims Unprecedented Crisis of 400K Migrants On Their Way To The Texas Border

Joe Biden and the Democrats have turned the entire US southern border into a Black Friday sale at Walmart gone bad. I feel sorry for the people who live there as their possessions will be seized like the last half-priced big-screen TV during the doorbuster.

NBC is reporting that an estimated 400,000 migrants are on their way to the Texas border.

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Our immigrant ancestors arrived at New York harbor most of the time and signed in. Immigrants go through a vetting process that requires proof of employment and people to vouch for them. Why is this so hard for Dems or those that support liberals to understand?

This is an invasion. They steal social security numbers, go to the hospital without intent to pay, get into car crashes with no insurance, stack up illegal numbers of people in rentals and wreck the property. It’s not ok. It’s an insult to legal immigrants.

We are told by Biden, the Democrat party, and their media that the unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated, same people, don’t say anything at all about all the unvaccinated entering this Nation illegally and being released into Cities. Americans and Legal residents are being forced to get the vaccine or lose their employment, property, and the right to travel. Yet, the illegals do not have to be vaccinated or even tested. 4000.000, unvaccinated on their way here. Homeland Security is a joke and needs to be abolished along with TSA.

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Terrorists no longer have hijacked aircraft; they can now enter the Country via the Southern Border.

If NBC says 400K, it’s probably much worse, and the fed government has abdicated. They left the border wide open and are helping immigrants to file spurious asylum claims.

The last person who can stop them is Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

As Congressman Chip Roy suggested, Texas could take control of the border and restrict passage to those with VISAs and entry permits. Don’t let them enter, don’t let them file bogus asylum claims. Turn them back at the border. Arrest the CBP and ICE agents if necessary.

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Texas retains a right to self-defense. If the federal government refuses to defend Texas, Texas can still defend itself.

Will Abbott do it? Probably not. However, if there is enough public pressure, just maybe.



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