WATCH: Bannon Just Beat Biden, Pelosi, and Garland at Their Own Game With This Brilliant Move

WATCH: Bannon Just Beat Biden, Pelosi, and Garland at Their Own Game With This Brilliant Move

The last person the Dems should have gone after is Steve Bannon. He lives for this stuff. There is nothing Bannon likes more than to be a “martyr for the cause,” this is where he shines, and the Dems just set him up with a stage, microphone, and spotlight and it’s going to backfire in their faces.


If the Dems don’t think that Bannon planned all this and set it up, they’re crazy. This is why he refused to go before the committee. He wanted this fight and now he’s got it and he’s in all of his political glory right now.


And if they don’t believe me, they can just listen to Bannon himself, he’s got a message for Biden, Pelosi, and Garland.

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Bannon is gleefully telling the three stooges that this move of theirs will be the “misdemeanor from hell.”


Here are comments from people online:


“Bannon is fired up about this. He is gleaming with the opportunity to have the spotlight on him. This is a bad move by his political opponents.”

“Right, he wanted this or he would’ve appeared before the Senate and made them look like The fools they are then. Instead he force their hand and they did it!”

“Bannon has so much firepower now, the political elites have no chance of winning in a fair fight..the establishment will break, both RINO and woke dem classes🇺🇲..people are awake”

Let the games begin, folks. The Dems think they made a clever move to fire up their base.


What they don’t realize is they just unleashed the MAGA Kracken from hell, and I believe this will be Banana Brain Joe’s undoing.

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